Dink Press, an obituary

I am saddened to announce that Dink Press will be permanently shutting down. The idea of the press first came to me when I was 15 years old. Nearly 10 years later, a few months shy of 25, I have come to the realization that trying to run a company based on a teenager’s framework is both unrealistic and unsustainable. In order to grow as a publisher, Dink Press will have to be left behind.

Starting September 10, 2021 the Dink Press Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will be deactivated, and all physical sales will be halted. The email address (dinkpress@gmail.com) and this webpage will remain active. In a nod to Derek Beaulieu all Dink Press titles will be available for free as PDFs below. If you are the author of one of these volumes and wish for it to be removed please email us at the address listed above.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in this company, it has been a wonderful dream.


  • Problematique Volume Two– Featuring Sacha Archer, Stephen Bett, Kaleigh Maeby, Kristopher Biernat, CH Gorrie, Rus Khomutoff, Charles March III, Joanna Mariak, David Piersol, and Shea O’Connor. Cover by Kaleigh Maeby. Download File


  • Problematique Volume One– Featuring Christopher Mulrooney, Howie Good, Kaleigh Maeby, Tim Kahl, Daniel Hudon, Barton Smock, Reece A.J. Chambers, Ella Rennekamp, Kristopher Biernat, Michael Lee Rattigan, Rus Khomutoff, R. Keith, Nicole Melchionda, and George Salis. Cover by Kaleigh Maeby. Download File


  • airy nothings by R. Keith-Download File
  • The Vitamix and the Murder of Crows by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens-Download File
  • Tell Me if I’m Alone Here (Electric Broadcast) by Josh Hart Download File




  • If Your Matter Could Reform by Robert Okaji Download File
  • A Black Wave Cometh by Scott Thomas Outlar Download File
  • The String of Islands by Tim Kahl
  • Buson orders leggings by Christopher Mulrooney Download File
  • A New Sea by Jamie Hunyor Download File
  • Room Studies by Brennan Burnside Download File
  • Dink Mag/Vol. One (features work by CH Gorrie, Josh Hart, Sydney Lynn, Kaleigh Maeby, Christopher Mulrooney, Miriam Sagan, Barton Smock, Joanna Collins, Enrico Gaveglia, Franky Kramer, and Kristopher D. Taylor) Download File
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